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About us

An advertising document from 1932 thus described the “Casino”

“This is how Vierville / Plage saw the birth a few years ago (1925) of the magnificent luxury hotel and Casino de Mer, with its pretty rooms and its flowery terrace, overlooking the sea, dominates it. ‘thirty meters. It is the meeting of the distinguished and worldly Society, as well as the meeting place of all the Families, because if one is benevolent, there is nothing like a dinner at Piprel and it is unforgettable when you are lucky enough to be able to eat there the American way. “

Around 1900, the first Casino restaurant was installed by the Piprel family in a light building, very close to the sea, roughly where the aid station is today.

Perhaps around 1910, this building was moved a little away from the sea, to avoid frequent flooding caused by storms. He was then between the current Sainteny monument and the Casino Hotel.

After the Great War, in 1925, this restaurant was completed by an adjacent hotel, the Piprel family simultaneously ceasing to operate in the village the Hôtel des Touristes (“La Pie qui Tette”) which they had long owned:

Around 1950

About us

Our liberators stayed in our Hotel and the first of them
Dwight David Eisenhower

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Suzanne Eisenhower, whom we see in the photos above with her father, has returned to stay with us several times.

Here in 2017

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